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Quick Return Compost

This method of compost making was originated in a technique given by Dr. Rudolph Steiner, and then worked on by Miss Maye E. Bruce who published the gem of a book that goes by the name of: Common Sense Compost Making by the Quick Return Method. The books copyright was left to the Soil Association, and is currently out of print.

I have worked using this method which eliminates the need for turning compost for many years. I now consider good compost making to be like good cooking, an art that one can spend a lifetime perfecting. If any one would like the recipe for this method I have a  precise  that may prove useful, it is true to the spirit of Miss Bruce's book available free. You can view the Common Sense Compost Making through Adobe Acrobat Reader.

I make an annual supply of the quick return mix and have some small quantities surplus that I would be willing to supply at cost. If you check the Greenwood Working section of this site, you will find details of a compost container that we make. It is rugged and will last for many years making good compost.

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